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  1. Setbacks will come and pass, tears will flow and they will be put away. There is nothing that can make me discouraged, because I have a long life, and the future that I strive for will always come.


  2. If you see the shadow in front of you, don't be afraid, it's because there is sunshine behind you.


  3. Anger is punishing oneself for the mistakes of others. To forgive others is to treat oneself well.


  4. Come on, what's the pain? It always waits for that second, the pain, the past second.


  5. It's not that things on the street are expensive, but that you don't have money in your pocket; It's not that you don't have money in your pocket, but that you haven't found an opportunity to make money; It's not that you don't have the opportunity to make money, but that you don't have the idea of getting rich in your mind.


  6. Many people cannot do themselves well because they always want to be others.


  7. The reason why the waterfall is spectacular is because it has no escape route. We can only keep moving forward, even if it's a cliff ahead.


  8. I have been running on the fields of hope, even though I occasionally stumble upon disappointment.


  9. Perhaps on the road to the future, we will experience more hardships and bear more pain, but since we choose to live, we must live well and not let our life become unworthy.


  10. Live with love, you will make yourself happy! Work with love, you will make many people happy! Positive energy, when the world puts heavy pressure on grass seeds, always has its own way to break through the soil.


  11. Last year's hope just "sprouted", this year please "water", last year's ideal just "grew", this year please "irrigate", last year's struggle just "started", this year please "cheer", last year's blessings just "sold out", this year please "advance": Wishing glory is imminent, success is ahead! Keep going.


  12. Birds of a feather flock together, and people of a feather flock together. First of all, remember to make friends with high-energy people and stay away from negative and low-energy individuals.


  13. In the face of difficulties, we each have our own choices. Walking to a water poor place and sitting to watch the clouds rise is a choice; Sleeping on firewood and tasting gall, three thousand Yue Jia can swallow Wu, it is the choice; Of course, you can also choose to wear a fist holster and fight hard.


  14. Failure is not scary, it is a necessary path for every successful person. Only by treating failure correctly can we move towards success.


  15. When facing setbacks, face them calmly and optimistically; When feeling down, turn around calmly and elegantly. We need to learn to find warmth in the haze, explore light in the dark night, savor the mundane life like water, appreciate the ups and downs of the four seasons, and walk out of our own life. One's own strength is the hard truth. It's better to stand firm and plant the seeds of faith, so that the tree of strength grows taller and taller in the heart.


  16. Failure is not scary, what's scary is escaping before you even start.


  17. To question, not to question, "A true singer can sing the silence in people's hearts.". Chai Jing.


  18. Being indifferent is not about not seeking progress, not doing nothing, nor pursuing anything. It is about peace and tranquility, calmness and tranquility, being far from the hustle and bustle of the world, and being closer to nature.


  19. Hard thinking has no hope, hard work has a promising future.


  20. After losing the lights, there's no need to panic, you can still see the stars all over the sky.


  21. Without experiencing the cold wind, there will be no blooming plum blossoms; Without experiencing the cold frost, there will be no resilience of green bamboo, without experiencing heavy white snow, there will be no straightness of green pine; Without experiencing the cold winter, there will be no bright spring.


  22. Honesty, simplicity, and down-to-earth.


  23. God helps those who help themselves.


  24. Activists believe that only by pushing themselves can they push the world forward, and as long as they push themselves, they can push the world forward.


  25. There are two paths for a person to take, one is necessary and the other is desired. You must walk the path that must be taken beautifully in order to take the path you want to take.


  26. What was originally hopeless, bold attempts often lead to success.


  27. Don't casually say that you don't have time, time is squeezed out.


  28. Even the most hopeless thing, as long as a brave person persists in doing it, they will eventually have hope.


  29. Hardship trains willpower, adversity cultivates talent.


  30. See far. We should have a broad vision and strategic vision, and never let the small lose the big, or let the greed for immediate benefits affect the overall situation.


  To succeed, one must wait for a long time without being anxious, maintain a calm attitude but remain sharp, not afraid of setbacks and full of hope.


  32. Take advantage of your youth and not be afraid to endure more hardships. These adversity and trials will truly teach you humility. Otherwise, your self righteous intelligence and contempt for all superiority will sooner or later ruin you.


  33. You have identified a path, why inquire about how long you need to walk.


  34. Use a whip to rotate the top. Success comes at a cost, while failure comes at a higher cost. It is better to fail in things you like than to succeed in things you hate.


  A person without knowledge is like a tree without leaves, lacking vitality.


  When walking along the path taken by others, one should step on the thorns on the roadside, because walking more in this way can widen the road.


  37. Without wind and rain in nature, the earth will not have spring flowers and autumn fruits.


  The best way to make dreams come true is to wake up and continue working hard.


  39. As long as the road is right, don't be afraid of being far away.


  No matter how much effort you put in, there is always a possibility of not being appreciated, and there are always people who think it's not enough. If that's the case, what qualifications do others have to make you give up your dreams.


  Since there is no miracle in one moment, break your own record and constantly break the number of times you have faced hardships. As long as there is still a breath, you must fight to the end.


  42. Action is the cure for fear, while hesitation and procrastination will constantly nourish fear.


  43. Please treat effort as a habit, not a three minute heat. Every harvest you envy is achieved through hard work and dedication.


  44. If you cannot change others, then change yourself; If you can't change things, then change your attitude towards them. Otherwise, you will belong to someone who cannot get along with you, and you will be an unwise person. If the mountain doesn't come, I'll go over.


  As long as you don't confine yourself in the cage of your soul, no one can restrain you from flying high.


  When people are really busy, their expressions are cool, without too much emotion, and without childlike affection. If you feel bitter, keep yourself busy.


  47. Persisting yesterday is called perseverance, persisting today is called progress, persisting tomorrow is called success.


  48. If you don't want to do it, you will always find an excuse; If you want to do it, you will always find a way.


  49. When you learn to reject others and fight back, they will actually respect you, even revere you. The more experience you have, the more you believe that saying: being ruthless is not wrong.


  50. Strive for what you like, cherish what you get, and forget what you miss. Life is actually that simple.

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