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  1. Those who sow with tears will surely reap with a smile.


  2. Don't give up in this second, there is hope in the next second! Persisting is the key to success.


  3. Come on, what's the pain? It always waits for that second, the pain, the past second.


  4. There is no fate that can be conquered without contempt, endurance, and struggle.


  5. There is only one path that cannot be chosen - the path to give up; There is only one path that cannot be rejected - and that is the path of growth.


  6. Remember what you have gained and forget what you have put in.


  7. The reason why people can do it is because they believe in it.


  8. The three most unpleasant bowls of noodles in life: human face, emotional face, and scene.


  9. Positive thinking leads to a positive life, while negative thinking leads to a negative life.


  10. If you are determined to do something, don't ask yourself and others if it's worth it.


  11. Emotions do not hurt people, but they are not close. It is difficult to dream without madness.


  12. Without your consent, no one can make you feel inferior.


  13. A lifetime will pass quickly, we must live a wonderful and beautiful life, and make our life more worthwhile. No matter how cruel the reality may be, no matter how difficult the road ahead may be, since we have chosen a distant place, we only focus on the journey of wind and rain.


  14. Once you see through it thoroughly, your heart will clear up.


  15. Live with love, you will make yourself happy! Work with love, you will make many people happy! Positive energy, when the world puts heavy pressure on grass seeds, always has its own way to break through the soil.


  16. Have confidence, work hard, and success lies ahead.


  17. Keep moving forward towards a goal, constantly striving and giving, even if your life starts from scratch, you can still achieve it.


  18. Never overestimate your weight in the hearts of others, learn to stop losses in a timely manner, don't hope, don't expect, don't expect, don't expect others, tell yourself to be strong! Because of despair, I dare to fight.


  19. The troubles of youth can only be solved by growth; The bottleneck of development can only be overcome through growth.


  20. Every heavy blow is a test of life, and every obstacle is a test of life. I am my own distance, and hard work is my direction. What is more magnificent than dreams is your perseverance.


  To the world, you may only be one person, but to one person, you are the whole world.


  22. Forget about those unhappy things! You see, even the sunshine on this day is so bright and brilliant, striving to drive away your troubles and anxieties, hoping that your dark emotions will brighten up at this moment and embrace a perfect tomorrow.


  23. Follow your own path and let others talk. Dante.


  24. A beautiful blueprint, in the hands of a lazy man, is nothing but a page of waste paper.


  Success never likes to meet lazy people, but awakens them.


  26. What you need to do is something that others cannot replace. If you can't blame anyone, it's because you're useless.


  27. Time is the ultimate resource for everyone.


  28. The greatest enemy in life is one's own cowardice.


  29. Don't give up flying when you can. When you can dream, don't give up on it. Don't give up on love when you can.


  30. Take advantage of your youth and not be afraid to endure more hardships. These adversity and trials will truly teach you humility. Otherwise, your self righteous intelligence and contempt for all superiority will sooner or later ruin you.


  31. Don't blame others for letting you down, blame yourself for expecting too much. Some people, some words, whether they speak or not, it doesn't matter; Because once you see it clearly, you will underestimate it. In everyone's personality, there are certain parts that are unacceptable, even the most beautiful person is the same. So don't be harsh on others, and don't blame yourself.


  A grand person never regrets something that no longer belongs to them.


  Before we understand what life is, we have already consumed half of it.


  34. Without trust, friendship, emotions, and love, nothing is worth a penny.


  35. Seeing and hearing change one's life, unknowingly ending it.


  36. Don't compare yourself to others, but strive to surpass yourself. If you want to cry, cry with tears of excitement, and if you want to laugh, smile with a growing personality.


  37. No one can help you, you can only rely on yourself, but when everything is lost, there is still a future ahead.


  38. The long-awaited spring belongs to nature, and the spring woven by hand belongs to oneself.


  We fight all the way, not to change the world, but to prevent the world from changing us.


  What is a dream? A dream is something that makes you feel that persistence is happiness.


  A wonderful life is created through setbacks, which are a person's litmus test. Many setbacks are often a good start. As long as you develop yourself according to your own talents and constantly surpass the obstacles of your soul, you will not find the sun shining brightly in your life.


  42. The sea of danger, doubt, and negation surrounds people's small islands, while faith drives them to bravely face the unknown future.


  If your life is already at a low point, then go boldly, because no matter how you go, you are always moving upwards.


  44. A person has life and death, but as long as you live, you must live in the best way possible.


  Life is a gradual journey, and every day is a journey to appreciate the scenery along the way.


  If you know where you are going, the whole world will make way for you.


  47. Keep hope in your heart, and happiness will come to you; Keep your dreams in mind, and opportunities will envelop you.


  48. The most important thing for a person is not the position they stand in, but the direction they are facing.


  49. Since I have chosen a distant place, I only focus on the journey of wind and rain; Since the goal is the horizon, the only thing left for the world is the silhouette.


  The best way to get something you want is to make yourself worthy of it.

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