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  1. Don't worry about the bleak present, don't fear the unknown future, move forward calmly, strive hard, and welcome the feast of spring warmth and blooming flowers. By then, even if your youth is gone and your face is gone, standing at the peak of life, you will still be beautiful.


  2. The tears of the past were just for us to learn how to distinguish.


  3. Strive for a year of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, and strive for a lifetime without complaint or regret.


  4. If you can't let go of the past, don't expect a beautiful future.


  5. Diligence is the code of your life, which can translate into a magnificent epic.


  6. Diligence leads to diligence, while idleness leads to leisure; Action comes from thought, destruction comes from following.


  7. Doing the right thing is more important than doing it right.


  8. In real life, every great achievement starts with faith and takes the first step with faith.


  9. Firm one's determination, bitter one's heart, diligent one's strength, no matter how big or small, one must achieve success.


  10. Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the wind and rain. Such a classic inspirational short sentence is worth collecting for a lifetime.


  11. We all cannot do without struggle, whether it is studying or working, we need to work hard.


  12. True bravery is not just about knowing how to move forward and not knowing how to retreat; But when it comes to progress, do not back down; When it's time to back down, don't be afraid of ridicule and dare to back down.


  13. Passion is a tremendous force that bursts out from within our hearts, inspiring us to unleash infinite wisdom and vitality; Passion is a powerful pillar, and no matter what difficulties we face, it can always give birth to our optimistic fighting spirit and tenacious perseverance. Ignite the passion of life, let the sky of life be full of brilliance.


  14. The muddy the road, the clearer the footprints left; The steeper the mountain road, the rarer the number of people walking to the top of the mountain. Once you have chosen the path you want to take, bravely go on and don't pay attention to the surprised gazes around you, because others will follow the direction of flowers and applause; Don't be afraid of the unknown difficulties ahead, because overcoming difficulties and obstacles to achieve victory is even more exciting.


  15. The most pitiful aspect of human nature is that we always dream of a wonderful rose garden in the sky, without appreciating the roses that bloom at our window today.


  16. Maturity is not about the heart getting old, but about maintaining a smile even when tears roll in your eyes.


  17. Those who are suspicious but not suspicious have never learned; Learning requires doubt. Zhang Zai.


  18. The environment is never perfect. Negative people are controlled by the environment, while positive people control the environment.


  19. When facing difficulties in life, when facing physical and mental exhaustion, when feeling helpless, when feeling lost, when feeling lonely, when feeling helpless, and when feeling down, please lift your head and look up. There will be sunshine shining on you. Please do not lower your head and look down, because the ground is black. Looking up is the scenery, looking down is the mud.


  20. Never stop smiling, even when you're sad, maybe one day someone will fall in love with your smile.


  Since time is the most precious treasure, it is important to cherish it and make reasonable use of it. How to spend time wisely is just as important as the planning of spending money. After spending money, you can earn more, but after spending time, you cannot regenerate. Therefore, it is even more important to make good use of your time.


  I feel that human fragility and strength are beyond my imagination. Sometimes, I may be so fragile that a single sentence can bring tears to my face, and sometimes I find myself gritting my teeth and walking a long way. Be brave, there will be the sun ahead.


  The belief in success plays a role in the human brain like an alarm clock, waking you up when you need it.


  24. Drops of water pierce through stones, not with great strength, but with deep skill. Learning is a sweet fruit that grows from bitter roots. If hateful setbacks make you taste the bitter fruit, my friend, rising up will surely make you taste the joy of life.


  25. To be a person, one should be like bamboo. Every step forward, one should make a summary.


  26. Be the best today, review the best yesterday, and welcome the best tomorrow.


  27. You will never know how strong you are until one day you have no choice but to be strong.


  Even if the whole world denies me, I still believe in myself.


  29. Everyone has many dreams in their life, but if one of them keeps bothering you, the rest is just action.


  30. Don't believe them, because these words are not right, because we have not finished! And we must remember that we will never have an end to it! Whether it's a fire, tornado, traffic accident, plague, or any other possible disaster, as long as we believe in ourselves and dare to accept challenges, our hearts will be smelted, and our future will not be forever dark.


  31. No matter how long the road is, you can walk it step by step, and no matter how short the road is, you cannot reach it without stepping on your feet. The ears that grow on the left and right sides of our brain often control our brain. Success is not something that will only come in the future, but rather a continuous accumulation from the moment you decide to do it.


  32. In life, there are many complaints. Some people complain that life is not going well, some complain that their career is not going well, some complain that their children are not obedient, and some complain that their marriage is not happy. Everyone has complaints, and there are all kinds of complaints. Complaints come and go, as if there is nothing in this world that cannot be complained about.


  33. The power developed by a person with faith is greater than that of a person with only interest.


  34. The mountain road twists and turns, but after all, it extends towards the peak.


  35. Humility and hard work in the most ordinary life. One day, you will stand in the brightest place and live as you once longed for.


  Embrace adversity bravely, even if you cannot fulfill your initial dream, it will open another door to your dreams.


  37. While you still have time, do your best. Strive to do what you most want to do, become the kind of person you most want to be, and live the life you most desire.


  38. Without reefs, there would be no beautiful waves; Without setbacks, there can be no magnificent life.


  39. Some roads may seem very close, but if you walk far down, those who lack patience will never reach the end.


  If you can't change in this society, you have to adapt, and if you can't adapt, you have to be eliminated! This is called survival of the fittest.


  Everyone is unique, as long as you believe in yourself, you can create a different world. Make effort a habit, not a three minute heat.


  Life is just a journey. You pass by me, I pass by you, and then we practice and move forward.


  Remember, don't slack off, don't expect, don't rely on, just stand firm for me.


  Rather than envy others, it's better to accelerate one's own pace.


  45. Destiny is not predetermined by heaven or created by environment, but carved by one's own efforts. To change one's destiny, one must change one's own actions.


  46. Life is like a straight line, we must move forward courageously and not turn back; Life is a curve, winding and tortuous, one can see more scenery.


  47. No matter how miserable the reality may be, you must stubbornly believe that this is just a temporary darkness before dawn.


  48. Only after experiencing hellish torment can one have the power to conquer heaven.


  I am not yet cowardly enough to never stand up.


  50. Learn to be quiet. Learn to be rational. Learn to be strong. Learn to work hard.

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