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  1. You cannot control others, but you can control yourself; You cannot predict tomorrow, but you can make use of today; You cannot control the weather, but you can change your mood; You can't change your appearance, but you can show a smile.


  2. Don't complain when encountering difficulties. Since you can't change the past, then strive to change the future.


  3. The running of life depends not on who starts first, but on the perseverance along the way. If you give up halfway, all your previous efforts will be in vain. Only by persisting in your efforts can you achieve the results you want.


  4. Anger is punishing oneself for what others have done wrong.


  5. The first youth is given by God; The second youth is achieved through one's own efforts.


  6. There is no dead end ahead, I hope it's at the corner.


  7. Hold the greatest hope, prepare for the worst for the greatest effort.


  8. If one day you happen to come across these words, I hope these few minutes truly belong to you. Here, you cheer yourself on, give yourself encouragement, continue to fulfill your dreams, bravely challenge yourself, and experience yourself.


  9. A confident life is the most beautiful.


  10. Regard arduous labor as an inevitability of life, and continue calmly even without hope of harvest.


  11. Effort does not necessarily bring rewards, effort is worth it.


  12. Some pain, I can't say it, so I can only endure it until it slowly fades away.


  13. No matter what happened in the past, the best has never appeared.


  14. As long as you do it, both losing and winning are exciting. Don't be afraid to move forward alone, and the sweet fruits will belong to you alone.


  15. When fate throws people into their lowest point, it is often a turning point in life. Whoever can accumulate energy will receive rewards; If anyone complains about themselves, they will miss a good opportunity.


  16. Throughout this journey, we have not been easy. We have all suffered a lot, endured a lot of fatigue, suffered a lot of suffering, felt pain, grievances, sadness, helplessness, and so on. Moreover, there are many people who are currently bearing all of this.


  17. There is no rehearsal in life, every day is a live broadcast. Positive energy, when the world puts heavy pressure on grass seeds, always has its own way to break through the soil.


  18. If you don't work hard, no one will help you. Do your own thing well, walk your own path well, no matter what age, don't let down your best self. The today you waste is the tomorrow that many people hope for. No matter what you are going through, you need to adjust your mentality.


  19. When tears run out, what remains should be strength.


  20. The first youth is given by God; The second youth is achieved through one's own efforts.


  21. As long as you keep smiling, life will smile at you.


  22. Without doubt, one cannot see the truth. Li Siguang.


  23. Tasting all the flavors in life makes one feel sweet. Sometimes, when we do something wrong, it's because when we should use our brains, we use our emotions. Happiness is finding a warm person to live a lifetime with; And I am still waiting for you in the same place, yet you have forgotten that you have come here before; Love is so short, forgetting is so long.


  24. What is scary is not failure, but willingly falling.


  25. The warmth of life depends on the temperature of the soul.


  Yesterday was an expired check, tomorrow is a credit card, only today is cash, so make good use of it.


  27. No one is so wealthy that they can do without the help of others, and no one is so poor that they cannot help others in any way.


  There are a total of four life test questions: academic, career, marriage, and family. Only with a high average score can one pass. Do not spend too much time and energy on any question.


  If the enemy makes you angry, it means you have no confidence in defeating them. If you want to fly high, you should forget about the horizon. Stubborn perseverance can conquer any peak in the world.


  30. Telescopes can see distant targets, but they cannot take half a step for you. Without cultivation or sowing, no matter how fertile the soil is, crops cannot grow. Without struggle or creation, even the most beautiful youth cannot bear fruit.


  31. People live to solve difficulties. This is the meaning and content of life. Avoidance is not a solution, but overcoming difficulties is often the best way to solve problems.


  32. Pay attention to your thoughts, they will become your words; Pay attention to your words, they will turn into your actions; Pay attention to your actions, they will become your habit; Pay attention to your habits, they will become your personality; Pay attention to your personality, it will become your destiny.


  33. Face the past with the least amount of regret. Face the present with minimal extravagance. Face the future with the most dreams.


  Youth is a radiance that can bring infinite passion, motivation, and creativity to people. Learn to be grateful, learn to give, learn to be tolerant, learn to take responsibility, success will always belong to you! I hope everyone can use their youth to achieve their dreams.


  When the cold reaches its extreme, the sun is about to come.


  36. What determines fate is not a big opportunity that falls from the sky, but a small choice you make every minute. All the differences are only in that minute. Not regretting is better than doing three things well: first, knowing how to choose; The second is to understand how to persist; The third is to know how to cherish.


  A house built with building blocks may seem beautiful, but it can collapse unexpectedly. When you hold the sand in both hands, you must not be able to reach the pearl on the ground. Every kind of trauma is a kind of maturity.


  38. Even if the road is rough and uneven, the wheels must move forward; Even in turbulent rivers, ships navigate.


  39. If a detestable setback makes you taste the bitter fruit, friend, then rise up and you will surely taste the joy of life.


  I am not a lamb to be whipped, I am a fierce lion and do not associate with the flock.


  41. When you are thin and beautiful, have something in your mind, and your wallet is full of your own earned money, not to mention twelve months, the whole world will treat you better.


  Only by believing in oneself can one win the trust and affirmation of others and shorten the distance towards success.


  43. As long as you make up your mind to overcome fear, you can almost overcome any fear. Because, please remember, fear has nowhere to hide except in the mind.


  Ambition is a great fantasy of life and a magnificent goal that must be achieved. In this world, as long as there is something you dare not think or do, there is nothing you cannot do! Your ambition is as great as your future.


  If all the goals you have set for yourself have been achieved, then it means that the goals you have set are not ambitious enough.


  46. People may not suffer for a lifetime, but they will always suffer for a while. Many people have endured a lifetime of hardship in order to escape it for a while.


  47. If you don't do it, you will never gain anything. If you don't believe it, there will never be success. Impossible, stay forever in the present. The future depends on seizing opportunities and striving hard. Believe, there is always one more chance of success than doubt.


  48. Forget everything unpleasant, leave yesterday as a memory, tell yourself that you still have tomorrow.


  49. Remember your value, it will not depreciate due to your unsightly appearance, it is the day when gold will always shine.


  Growth not only takes away time, but also the courage that was not afraid to lose back then.

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